Saturday, December 16, 2006

Eastwood / 118 Ave

The Grand Bazaar, a haven of craftsters and local designers over a weekend of pre-holiday non commercialized frenzy, recently went down on 118 Ave. a change of venue, a lost of venue, cancelling of the party, cancelling of bands, squeezing forty vendors into a tiny community hall hall space, and three days of labour later, the team cleared just enough cash to take us out to BP's for cactus fries. uh huh.

We had to ask 'why' we did this in the first place, for the love of community? because no one else was doing it? because most of the artists and vendors have now moved into the area and this was only a test of things to come? the 118 area may or may not be municipally revitalized, but as far as I'm concerned, a large majority of the good folks are moving up and setting down roots. I myself am looking to move, found a cute little house, but the bank has other thoughts about that . .

whether there's a blackout on the area or whether simply I am just not a suitable candidate for a mortgage, the area is the only ideal place in town where I can buy a home. it looks like it's either Eastwood or Winnipeg. play ball?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Heading up to Morinville

This is a bit late, but a month back, ACD and co. and I took a mini road trip in la rouge wagon out to Morinville to visit our friend Daniel and co. A man about town, D moved back to Morinville and bought a beautiful house across from DJ's Pub. "If you get lost, just ask anyone where DJ's is." It's hard to imagine anyone can get lost, though.

Sandy cooked a great big dinner of salmon, salad, and couscous, and D had an array of stinky cheeses, gyspy salami and vino. Well-fed, we danced the rest of the night away. At times, it resembled more of a child's birthday party, but one that was hijacked by adults stuck in the past with an insatiable demand for cheesy music.

It was a nice little visit, having never visited Morinville. D seems enamoured with small town life and its pecularities. He's filled several albums full of pictures of misnomers and other oddities, and I had a passing thought of moving out somewhere quiet and assuming, but looking back, this remains a passing thought.

but good times nonetheless.